Hi, I'm William - a quantitative political scientist, economist, filmmaker, and most recently and importantly, proud owner and operator of a brand new Nintendo Switch.
I use all of those titles loosely (apart from the Switch ownership) - I'm a recent B.Arts/B.Science graduate from the Australian National University, majoring in Political Science, Economic Studies, Mathematical Economics, and with a minor in Applied Statistics. Outside of that, I'm a filmmaker when I get the chance to be (a curated portion of those chances can be found on this website). Bit of a weird (and unfocused) combo, but my approach was generally that I wouldn't compromise on any of my pursuits, so I did everything I wanted, and I tried my best to do it well.
This has lead me down many different and (mostly) disjoint paths - all of which meet very sporadically at hard-to-explain junctions. Through university coursework, I've become proficient with Rstudio, SPSS and STATA statistics packages, with experience in Eviews and Python. I've also become drawn to macroeconometric modelling, behavioural economics, and game theory, with my later-year economics study focusing on those areas in particular. More broadly, quantitatively measuring, modelling and analysing society through statistical and mathematical models is my thing from an academic perspective.
For film, I started out purely as a hobbyist, before picking up some sporadic freelance stuff on the side. The first big(ish) project I did was "The Righteous" in 2017, which went on to do reasonably in the festival I entered it in. Since then I've directed some music videos (some of which have been shown on TV! How exciting!), other short films (less good), and even a webseries (it was okay).
I've learned a lot in this process - from a technical standpoint, I've played around with cinema quality cameras (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Canon C100 mk II), professional audio equipment (Zoom H6, Rode NTG-1, Rode Wireless Lavalier Kit), and post production software (Adobe CC, HitFilm, Davinci Resolve). All of this lead me to a point where I was able to run a student media video platform - Woroni TV. In this role, I advised on the purchase of new equipment, and was able to train my team in all aspects of production to an intermediate level. I am very proud of them and all of their work (you can check it out here).
The work I'm most proud of, however, is work I cannot attribute entirely to myself - in my time as TV Editor at Woroni, not only did I manage to guide a team of 11 university kids through a semester's worth of extracurricular video production in one of the only student-run video platforms in the country, but I was able to make sure they enjoyed themselves and grew as content producers while doing it. As much as one can quantify the portfolio's success over the semester in terms of output and viewership (we did pretty well) - helping other creatives learn, grow, and flourish is something I take far more pride in.
After that soliloquy, where does that put me?
If we break it down, I like numerically rationalised social commentary and making videos. Putting those two things together, you get things like explainer videos, short documentaries on niche topics - factual but fun media, if you'll entertain my buzzwords. New-age journalism sites like Vox, Vice, and (some of) Buzzfeed are all good examples of where these two interests of mine cross paths.
I haven't made too much of that content as of yet, but I'm working on it I promise.
A quote that I think perfectly summarises my ambitions so far is from my favourite high-school teacher, in a disparaging report card:
"William is like a well-intentioned butterfly, constantly flitting from one topic to the next."
This was supposed to discourage me from being unfocused. As much as I took it to heart, I never stopped wandering off into odd, unrelated topics of study. I feel like I'm close to settling on something, but we'll see where my well-intentioned curiosity takes me next.
All I know is, I'll probably be playing my Nintendo Switch when I can find the time.
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